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Member Directory Legend

Referral Production Honors

These stars are a measure of each member's outbound referral closing production. The following criteria were used to determine the Star Rating, based upon the prior year's outbound referral production:

Outgoing Closings or Equivalent(OC, EqC) Sales Production Rate or Equivalent(SPR, EqC SPR) Relative Performance Among Category in OC, EqC, SPR or EqC SPR
Five Stars*
125 or higher 0.30000 or higher Top 20%
Four Stars
100 to 124 0.2600 to 0.2999 Top 40%
Three Stars
75 to 99 0.2200 to 0.2599 Top 60%
Two Stars
50 to 74 0.1800 to 0.2199 Top 80%
One Star
0 to 49 0.0000 to 0.1799 All other members

Residential Company Designations

CCIM - Certified Commercial Investment Member

CRB - Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager

CRP - Certified Relocation Professional

CRS - Certified Residential Specialist

ERC - Worldwide ERC Member

GMS - Global Mobility Specialist

GRP - Global Relocation Professional

LUX - Luxury Portfolio Membership

MOM - LeadingRE Heroes

RQC - RELO Quality Certified

WQC - Web Site Quality Certified

Residential Agent Certifications

Buffini - Buffini Member Agents

LMS - LeadingRE Marketing Specialist

LSE - LeadingRE Service Expert

LSS - LeadingRE Sales Specialist

Ninja - Ninja Certified Agents

SRES - Senior Real Estate Specialists Agents

Tom Ferry - Tom Ferry Member Agents

REO Tier (Residential)


REO Tier 1
A member company that has sales associates who work directly with institutions to provide REO services, but does not have a formal company REO program.
REO Tier 2
A member company offering a full menu of REO services, either through their relocation department or through a special REO department. These REO services include, but may not be limited to:
  • Broker Market Analysis (BMA)
  • Re-keying a property on acquisition through closing
  • Financial ability to pay vendors and wait for reimbursement, property inspection, and negotiation

Rental Tier (Residential)


Tier 1 (R-1 RENT)
A member company that offers most of the following rental services:
  • Apartment guide booklet
  • Newcomer package (map, amenities, school info)
  • Rental market overview
Tier 2 (R-2 RENT)
A member company that offers most of the following rental services:
  • Phone needs assessment/market overview
  • Rental information kit
  • Appointments set for 2-4 properties (will not accompany)
  • Self-search using broker's web site which either has a database of apartment complexes or links to other sites with this information
Tier 3 (R-3 RENT)
A member company that offers most of the following rental services:
  • Phone needs assessment/market overview
  • Rental information kit
  • Research for desired type of rental property
  • Touring of 3-5 available properties that meet renter's specifications
  • If needed, access to broker's web site which either has a database of apartment complexes or links to other sites with this information
  • Area tour (overview of community, amenities, schools, etc.)

International Tier (Residential)


IR - Tier 1
A member company that offers the following international resettlement services:
  • Offer access to broker's website for database of rental properties, community information, etc.
  • Area Orientation/Newcomer Kit with Housing information including rental property research/information
  • Area Orientation/Homefinding Assistance Tours (fee-based) - orientation and homefinding can be offered as two separate tours or combined but should include community amenities, housing, schools, shopping, medical facilities, etc.
  • Customized international newcomer information added to normal kit including DMV locations, social security offices, schools (including English language classes and international schools if applicable), housing information, volunteer organizations, bank and credit resources, etc.
  • Provide list of international resources including contact information for immigration offices, consulates, embassies, international clubs, cultural organizations, Internet sites, etc.
  • Phone or in person needs assessment with a qualified relocation counselor to identify client needs
  • Coordinate translation services and language training if necessary
  • Provide assistance with utility connections, phone and other services; Provide or coordinate temporary housing assistance
  • Coordinate household goods shipment if necessary
IR - Tier 2
A member company that offers all of the international resettlement services included in Tier 1, plus:
  • Provide cross-cultural resource materials including booklets, website links, etc. and provide referral and coordination with cross-cultural training and language immersion specialists or educational consultants
  • Provide lease negotiation assistance for rental assignments and extensive counseling regarding real estate market for purchasers
  • Provide logistical assistance such as coordination and escort to DMV and social security facilities, school registrations, banking, shopping for groceries and home furnishings, car rental or purchase, etc.
  • Customized resettlement, 'Welcome to the USA' presentation; Referrals to real estate service providers in departure locations for home sale or property management; Specialized research upon request
  • Provide travel assistance or coordination upon request; Provide immigration and visa assistance or referrals to industry professionals; Post move follow-up and ongoing assimilation assistance program
  • Require specialized international relocation training for any staff prior to working with international transferees.

Commercial Certifications

CCIM - Certified Commercial Investment Member

SIOR - Specialists in Iindustrial and Office Markets

BOMA - Building Owners and Managers Association International

ALC - Accredited Land Consultants

Lease negotiation


CPM - Certified Property Manager

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